Shipping Container to Mexico – Cheapest & Fastest Way

Shipping containers anywhere in the world can be a challenging task. You have to decide whether to choose land, ocean, or air freight, and you also have to select a carrier that will guarantee the safe shipment of your goods, along with the other loads in the container.

Unlike LTL and LTC, shipping containers require large vehicles, such as cargo ships. Whether shipping from the UK or from Canada, such vehicles are essential for container shipping. Furthermore, you may also send a container from Australia to Mexico. Continue reading the article to learn about how to ship cargo to Mexico. Also, find out about various services offering freight shipping, postage rates, and delivery times.

Types of Containers

Depending on the types and quantity of goods you plan to accommodate in the container, you can choose its size accordingly. If you plan on storing 8 (large) or 16 (small) pallets, you may opt for the 20 ft container. Similarly, for 18 (large) and 36 (small) pallets, a 40 ft container is more suitable.

How Long Does It Take to Ship a Container to Mexico

Shipping containers from the USA to Mexico via ocean freight can take up to ten days. The delivery time mainly depends on the distance between the origin and the destination. The further a cargo ship travels, the longer it will take to transport your container.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Container to Mexico

An estimate of shipping a 20 ft container to Mexico can cost around $900. Remember that the prices depend on the size of the container, the weight it carries, the shipping distance, and the service type. 

So, if you are looking for the cheapest option, it is best to obtain various delivery quotes beforehand. You can compare the prices and select an affordable shipping option that will effectively transport your cargo to the required destination. Find out how much it costs to ship freight to Mexico from the USA. To ship less than a container to Mexico, calculate the costs using a shipping calculator, and you will be provided with LTC shipping services.


Now that you clearly understand shipping containers, you can also learn how to ship less than a truckload to Mexico. Many couriers offer LTL services. Visit their website to obtain more information.