Ship Freight to Mexico – Cheapest & Fastest Way

Whether you are considering air, land, or ocean freight shipping to Mexico, there are certain factors you must consider before finalizing a cargo or container. The number of goods may help you estimate the size of your shipment, which may help you decide the correct type of container to choose.

Some processes are required to finalize a shipment, such as preparing the cargo for shipment and its documents, inspecting the cargo, and transportation to the desired location. The overall procedure can be a bit pricey, but with cool parcel delivery quotes, there are many opportunities you can avail yourself of when it comes to freight shipping. Let’s discuss the postage rates of different services offering freight shipping to Mexico.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Freight to Mexico?

To find out the price for your particular freight shipment, enter the necessary information into the shipping calculator. You will receive several options for delivery times and rates to ship freight to Mexico. To give you an idea of the shipping cost, we will take an 80-pound general cargo as our reference shipment from the USA to Mexico:

From New York

When sending this shipment from New York to Mexico using one of the most renowned shipping companies, FedEx Ground Home Delivery, it will cost you roughly $500 or more. The shipment may take a few business days. Find out more about how to ship cargo to Mexico.

From California

Forward Air Min is the cheapest option to ship less than a truckload to Mexico from California, delivering your cargo for nearly $600. The transit time can be up to four days or more.

From Virginia

For the fastest shipping option, you may go for Forward Air, Forward Air ECU, or Forward Air Min, which will deliver your cargo within one business day. The shipping price is between $450 and $500. Learn more about how to ship less than a container to Mexico.


Now that you know the cheapest and fastest way to ship freight to Mexico using cool parcel shipping quotes, you are only a few clicks away from sending out your first cargo shipment. You may ship a container to Mexico from the UK, from Australia, or even from Canada, but before you send out a shipment, research t