Cheapest Way to Ship Packages to Mexico With FedEx

There are numerous courier companies to choose from when it comes to international shipping. For example, you can ship a package to Mexico using DHL, UPS, FedEx, and other services.

However, deciding which of these carriers is best for you can be tricky. In such cases, you must consider various factors, including the delivery cost, shipment duration, and your preferred service type. This will help you narrow down your options to a few reasonably priced services.

You may also choose to ship a package to Mexico with USPS. However, keep in mind that the USPS does not allow shipments weighing more than 70 pounds. On the other hand, FedEx allows a maximum weight of 150 pounds for delivery.

So, if you’re thinking about shipping a package to Mexico through FedEx, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll find the various shipping costs of FedEx services, along with their delivery times and benefits.

Read on to discover all the essential information required to ship an item via FedEx.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship to Mexico With FedEx

With a prominent presence worldwide, FedEx offers many shipping services at the domestic and international levels. The following are the estimates for transporting a 25-pound package with dimensions of 22 x 14 x 12 (in) from different locations to Mexico City:

From Australia to Mexico

Mailing this parcel via FedEx International Priority or Priority Express costs around $600, with a delivery period of 3-5 business days. See delivery rates for the cheapest shipping of packages to Mexico.

From the UK to Mexico

Shipping with FedEx International Economy or Priority has a delivery price of $350-$400. In addition, your package will arrive at its location in a week. See prices to ship packages to Mexico.

From Canada to Mexico

When shipping the same package from Toronto to Mexico City using FedEx International Priority, the average price is $380. Furthermore, the delivery time is 1-3 working days. See costs for the cheapest shipping of packages to Mexico.

Benefits of Shipping With FedEx

Among the many benefits of shipping through FedEx, a few of them are listed below:

  • Offers money-back guarantee
  • Delivers on time
  • International customer support
  • Provides free packaging
  • Allows order tracking


So if you’d like to ship a package to Mexico with UPS, FedEx, or any other carrier, learn about its postage rates and services online. In addition, you can visit a service point nearby for relevant information.