The need to ship a package globally can come about suddenly, requiring you to select a suitable service. In such situations, you must opt for a carrier that guarantees timely delivery and provides affordable rates. Moreover, it’s also essential for you to have adequate knowledge of each service type available.

So, to help you out, we have included the estimated prices for shipping a package to Mexico with UPS in this article. Furthermore, learn how to ship a package to Mexico with DHL and other courier providers, their postage rates, and delivery times.

How to Prepare Your Package for Shipment

International shipments may take up to a week or more. Hence, you must pack your items in such a way that they remain intact throughout transit. However, before packing your items, select a suitable service. Read about each shipping option online or visit any courier locations to obtain all the necessary information.

After deciding on a service provider and obtaining various delivery quotes to get an idea of the shipping price, you may start packing your items. To ensure the safe and secure shipment of your packages, perform the following steps:

  1. Start by measuring your item’s weight, size, quantity, etc.
  2. Arrange a shipping box accordingly.
  3. Then, wrap the items and place them inside the shipping box.
  4. Next, fill the box with an insulating material, such as foam or cloth.
  5. After that, seal the box with tape.

Once done with packing, attach the shipping label to your box, take it to a nearby service point, or opt for a pick-up service.

Shipping Packages to Mexico With Different Carriers

Before preparing your items for shipment, ensure they aren’t restricted by specific carriers. For example, when shipping a package to Mexico with USPS, you must ensure the weight doesn’t exceed 70 lbs. For you to gain a better understanding of the cheapest shipping rates offered by various services, we have taken a reference parcel. In addition, the dimensions of this 25-pound package are 24 x 14 x 12 (inches).

From Australia to Mexico

  • UPS: Sending this package via UPS Worldwide services will cost about $700-$800. Also, the delivery time is up to five business days. See prices for the cheapest way to ship packages to Mexico.
  • DHL: Shipping with DHL will cost you around $650, and your item will be delivered in a few business days.
  • FedEx: When mailing this package through FedEx International Priority or Express, the shipping price will be $650-$700. Furthermore, the delivery period will be five working days.

From the UK to Mexico

From Canada to Mexico

  • UPS: If you ship with UPS Worldwide, it would cost you from $600-$700.
  • DHL: Sending the same parcel through DHL will cost nearly $400. Additionally, your package will reach its place in five business days.
  • FedEx: When shipping from Canada to Mexico via FedEx International services, the delivery rate can increase to $700 or more. View rates for shipping parcels to Mexico.


In the end, it all comes down to which shipping option fits you the best. Remember to never compromise on the convenience of your shipment and choose a carrier that promises efficient services.