Cheapest Way to Ship Packages to Mexico With UPS

When transporting goods internationally, for instance, shipping a package to Mexico, you should select a carrier carefully. Since courier providers determine how your package is handled and the quality with which it arrives at a location, you must consider certain factors when choosing a suitable carrier.

One of the most critical factors is proper product packaging. Adequate packaging ensures that your items remain in good condition during transit and is thus an important step to take when preparing your package for shipment. If you want to ship a package to Mexico by FedEx, you can use the packaging provided by the company or your own.

Other factors to consider when selecting a carrier include whether you want priority or standard services, as well as when you want your parcel delivered. Knowing about these factors can help you choose the best service for you. You can also ship a package to Mexico by DHL, USPS, or UPS. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of shipping through UPS explicitly.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship to Mexico With UPS

To give you a rough estimate of the postage rates offered by UPS services, we have taken a 20-pound parcel as our reference. With dimensions of 20 x 14 x 12 (in), this package will be sent from various locations to Mexico. The following are the obtained shipping prices:

From Australia to Mexico

When sending the package from Sydney to Mexico City, the price ranges from $650 to $800. See prices for the cheapest way to ship packages to Mexico.

From the UK to Mexico

Similarly, when the sender’s location is based in the UK, it will cost around $250-$400. See the costs for shipping packages to Mexico.

From Canada to Mexico

Shipping the same parcel from Toronto to Mexico City via UPS Standard or Worldwide services will have a delivery price of $50-$200. See delivery prices for shipping packages to Mexico.

Benefits Of Shipping With UPS

Shipping packages with UPS has several advantages. Some of them include:

  • Provides affordable delivery rates
  • Has many shipping options
  • Offers effective tracking of shipment
  • Guarantees fast delivery of items


In the end, make sure you know the service’s terms and conditions before booking a shipment. For example, when shipping a package to Mexico with USPS, your parcel must not exceed 70 lbs.